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Pre Matric Scholarship – Eligibility, Dates & Condition Details:- The Pre Matric Scholarship scheme is being provided by the Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Program which aims at the welfare of the minority communities in the country. This scheme was announced in June, 2006. Main Objective: There are many meritorious students in minority communities who belong to financially backward families. Such students often do not get proper privileges and opportunities to continue their education smoothly. Financial crisis often appears to be a hurdle in their path of progress. The Scholarship at the pre- matric level will definitely encourage the parents to make their children educated. This scheme will lighten the financial burden of parents and they may look forward to send their children to school. An increase in school enrollment will boost the employability of these students. Employment can help them to improve their miserable financial condition. Their socio-economic condition will be uplifted as well.

Coverage area of the Pre Matric Scholarship scheme:

The Scholarship will be awarded to the students of India who are studying in class 1-10 in government schools or private schools. The scheme also covers such residential government institutes and eligible private institutes that are notified by the concerned state Government and Union territory administration in a transparent manner.

Eligibility criteria for the Pre Matric Scholarship scheme:

There are a few criteria on the basis of which a candidate will be selected for the reward. 
  • The Scholarship money will be awarded to a student if he/ she has obtained at least 50% marks in his/ her previous final examination.
  • The total family income if the student must not be above INR 1 lakh. 

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Distribution of the Pre Matric Scholarship:-

Section 2 (c ) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992 has notified the following communities as minority in India:
  • Muslim
  • Sikh
  • Jain
  • Christian
  • Buddhist
  • Parsi
This scholarship scheme is aimed at these groups. Apart from Renewal Scholarships, total of thirty lakh Scholarships are aimed to be distributed as fresh Scholarships. The distribution will be made on the basis of the minority population an area as reported by census.

Section for the scheme:-

Since the number of Scholarships are limited and fixed, it is necessary to follow a well defined selection procedure for the same.

Fresh applicants:-

An inter-selection weightage is given to economic conditions rather than marks. So, the candidate must submit a verified income certificate. 

Renewal applicants:-

A renewal applicant will be eligible only if he/she has secured at least 50% in his/ her previous year’s final examination.

Conditions of Pre Matric Scholarship:

  1. Candidates must belong to the Minority communities.
  2. Candidate must be studying in classes 1- 10.
  3. The candidate have to submit an income certificate of his parents, issued by a competent authority in the state or Union territory administration.
  4. Candidate have to submit a self certified community certificate is his age is above 18.
  5. If the candidate is below 18 years then he/ she needs to submit a community certificate certified by his/ her parent or guardian.
  6. Renewal application will be granted continuation of award only if he/ she has obtained at 50% mars in his/ her previous year examination.
  7. Both hostellers and day scholars will get maintenance allowance.
  8. Not more than two students from the same family will get the Scholarship.
  9. Student should have the stipulated percentage of attendance as decided by his/ her concerned institute.
  10. On the violation of any discipline of the school, the scholarship will be suspended or cancelled.
  11. The concerned state government or Union territory government can also suspend if cancel the award if it is found that there is any deliberate falsification in the documents submitted by the student. And the amount of scholarship that has already been enjoyed by the student will have to returned or refunded.
  12. Any violation of the conditions is subjected to punishment.
  13. The course/ tuition fees as well as the maintenance allowance will be directly credited to the student’s bank account under DBT.
  14. The student who is already being benefited by this scheme is not allowed to obtain any other Scholarship for the same purpose.
  15. A student can enjoy only one Scholarship out of the various Scholarships available for minority communities.
  16. The administrative expenses (@ 1%)  for state/ union territory in any subsequent year will be released only after receiving the previous year’s utilisation certificate.
 Make sure to go through more details about this scheme on This scheme is actually an appreciable approach of the government to enhance the rate of education and employment among the minority communities of our country.
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