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National Scholarship 2021 – All Schemes Details:- The National Scholarship Portal was launched as a Mission Mode Project under the national e-governance plan. At present the National Scholarship Portal is one of the most viable Scholarship portals that extends a number of services ranging from receiving Scholarship application from students to the disbursal of the scholarship money to them.

National Scholarship 2021 – All Schemes Details

NSP facilitates effective and quick disposal of Scholarships by ensuring direct delivery of the money to the beneficiary’s account and hence avoiding the risk of leakage. The portal can offer you the following benefits:
  • You can get information about different kinds of Scholarships from this platform.
  • You need to make a single application for all the scholarships suitable for you. This simplifies the process of application.
  • This portal functions with utmost transparency.
  • It emerges to be an awesome tool for departments and ministers in the form of DSS i.e. Decision Support System.
  • You can get essential information regarding all the courses and institutions at an all-India level on this portal.

The objective behind creating this portal

  • Make sure that the scholarship money are being distributed to the eligible students on proper time.
  • To create a common platform for all the state as well as central government scholarships.
  • To ensure the creation of a transparent database of scholars’.
  • Prevent the chances of duplications that generally occur during the procession of the applications.
  • To provide the facility of DBT.
By now you have already known how NSP benefits the students. Be ready to yield the best from NSP in the following manner:
  • Have a look at the eligibility criteria of the various Scholarships available on NSP.
  • Get yourself registered with NSP and apply for the scholarships for which you are eligible.
  • Make smooth and online submission of your application.
  •  The concerned authorities shall verify the application submitted by you.
  • The portal enables you to track the status of your application.
  • If your application is found eligible after verification, the scholarship money will be credited to your account through DBT.
Hope, it will help you a lot.

Area of operations of NSP Scholarship 2021

National Scholarship Portal is well known for its nationwide reach. It covers more or less all kinds of Scholarships for students ranging from class 1 to the PhD level. The various Scholarships under the coverage of NSP are largely categorized as:
  • Central schemes
  • UGC schemes
  • State schemes
  • AICTE schemes
  • Ministry of labour and employment
  • Ministry of tribal affairs

Central schemes of NSP Scholarship 2021

The departments that are operating under the Central government offers a number of Scholarships to assist students in pursuing their desired career without facing extreme financial hardships. The well-known Scholarship providers of the central level are 
  • Ministry of Minority Affairs (MOMA )
  • Department of empowerment of differently abled persons etc.
Some of the central schemes are:
  • Pre matric Scholarship for Minority communities 
  • Post- Matric Scholarships for minority communities
  • Merit cum means Scholarships for professional and technical courses
  • Pre Matric Scholarships for differently abled students
  • Post Matric Scholarships for differently abled students etc.

Other Scholarships You May Apply

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UGC schemes of National Scholarship

The University Grants Commission (UGC) was set up for the purpose of determining, coordinating and maintaining the standards of higher education in the Country. UGC is a strong statutory organ of the country which functions under the Ministry of Human Resource Development. UGC offers some scheme to help the meritorious students in pursuing their dream career. Some of those schemes are:
  • Ishan Uday- this is a special Scholarship scheme for the North Eastern part of India.
  • PG Indira Gandhi Scholarship for single girl child.
  • Scholarship for the 1st and 2nd University rank holders.
  • Scholarships for the SC/ ST students who wish to pursue higher studies.

AICTE Schemes of NSP 2021

AICTE is the short form for All India Council for Technical Education. It carries its functions under the Department of Higher Education, MHRD. AICTE ensures the well-organized development and planning for the technical as well as management education systems in India. Some Scholarship scheme offered by AICTE:
  • Pragati Scholarship Scheme for girls pursuing (degree) technical courses
  • Pragati Scholarship Scheme for girls pursuing (diploma) technical courses.

State Schemes of National Scholarship 2021

The state governments offer a variety of Scholarship schemes for the development of hardworking students. Some of these schemes are:
  • Post Matric Scholarship scheme for BC/ EBC students(Bihar)
  • Post Matric Scholarship scheme for disabled students(Uttrakhand)
  • Pre Matric Scholarship for SC students(Uttrakhand)
  • Pre Matric ST Scholarship scheme (Tripura)
  • Post Matric ST Scholarship scheme (Tripura)
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There are a lot of other Scholarship schemes available on the National Scholarship Portal. It is recommended that you visit the portal, check out the eligibility criteria for various Scholarship schemes and apply for the schemes which are for you.