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Minority Scholarship – All Scholarship You May Apply:- Financial crises should not be a barrier in the path of the meritorious students who are working hard to achieve their goal. We cannot let the meritorious champs fade away into darkness. Proper financial support to the needy students can help in building glorious leaders of the future.

Minority Scholarship – All Scholarship You May Apply

 So, a variety of Scholarship schemes are being made these days. Some of them are exclusively for the students belonging to the minority communities such as Muslim, Sikh, and Christian, ST, OBC, SC etc. Go below and read carefully for the detailed information. Here is a list of such Scholarships:-

Begum Hazrat Mahal National Scholarship (2019-20)

This Scholarship is for the girls belonging to the minority communities. The main objective of this scholarship is to provide tuition fees and other financial assistance to meritorious students of the minority community who are facing financial issues in pursuing their education. This scholarship is being offered by the Maulana Azad Education Foundation, Ministry of Minority Affairs, GOI. Students of the following category can apply for this scheme: 
  • Female students belonging to Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim, Christian, and Parsi communities can apply for this scholarship.
  • Students of class 9- 12 can apply.
  • The candidate must have obtained at least 50% marks in the previous class.
  • The total family income of the candidate must not be above INR 2 Lakhs per annul.
The selected students will be rewarded with an amount of INR 5000 (for the girls of class 9 and 10), and INR 6000 (for the girls of class 11 and 12).

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Pre Matric Scholarship scheme:

The pre matric Scholarship Scheme is to reach out to the students of the minority communities at the pre-matric level of education. It aims at encouraging the parents of these communities to send their children to school. Under this scheme financial assistance is extended to the meritorious students. It also provides for tuition fees. We have seen that the backward classes and minority communities often lag behind in the field of Education only because of extreme financial crisis. In such cases the children of these communities do not get enough support and encouragement for studying well or developing in a healthy manner. This scholarship scheme is made of the Ministry of Minority Affairs especially to lighten the financial burden of the parents and let the bright and meritorious students to flourish more.

Post Matric Scholarship schemes:

The Post Matric Scholarship scheme for the bright students of the minority communities is being provided by the Prime Minister’s New 15 point program. The Prime Minister’s New 15 point program was planned mainly with the objective of Minority welfare. This program was announced in June, 2006.  The aim of this scholarship scheme is to give Scholarships to meritorious students belonging to the economically backward families of the minority communities. This scholarship is provided at post matric level. This scheme will benefit them by offering opportunities for higher education. If will reduce their financial burden and help them to study without worrying about financial issues which can otherwise be a major obstacle in the path of their progress. Every individual has the right to grow and develop. But the freedom of mind and creative of an individual gets curtailed when subjected to financial issues. In such cases many meritorious students have to give up studies. These minority Scholarships will surely be a great help for the financially weaker section of the minority communities. It will assist the future leaders to flourish and serve our nation.
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